Encase forensic roadshow a Roma


Evento organizzato in collaborazione con Guidance Software.

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4N6 SRL ottiene la certificazione di qualità UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


4N6 SRL dopo un lungo processo di qualifica e revisione può vantare la certificazione di qualità UNI ENI ISO 9001:2015 in materia specifica di servizi di digital forensics.

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DFIR with EnCase Endpoint Security


EnCase Endpoint Security is the go-to tool for Incident Responders because of the forensic capabilities it offers to security teams because of the deep access granted by the tool as well as the repeatable and defensible methodology it uses. IR teams using EnCase have full access to many commonly used forensic security modules, including open-source tools.

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EnCase Endpoint Security and IOC's


IOC's, or Indicators of Compromise, and other threat intelligence feeds are clues information security teams can use to assist in the detection of an incident. EnCase Endpoint Security leverages IOC's and threat intelligence, like STIX and YARA, to detect those threats across the enterprise.

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Threat Detection with EnCase Endpoint Security


Traditional security tools detect known threats in a security environment, and as a result, security teams are struggling to detect what they don't know exists. EnCase Endpoint Security detects unknown threats across the enterprise by establishing a baseline of normal user, system, and communication activity and identifying anomalies as they appear.

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