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Digital forensics

4N6 provides expert digital forensic services for those investigators, businesses, law firms or individuals who have minimal or no knowledge on how to conduct digital forensic investigations.
Each of our examiners holds a solid, verifiable track record and multiple years of full-time experience dealing with computer forensics techniques and methodologies accepted in the prosecution of criminal cases.
If data is still present, even in a fragmented form, there is no limit to what 4N6’s digital forensics experts can find. Whether we are asked to recover electronic communications, authenticate an electronic document, determine computer activity or usage patterns, or identify what happened to specific information on a computer system, computer forensic examinations can shed light on a multitude of internal, civil, or criminal matters.

Our professional services include:

  • Acquisition, analysis and storage of acquired data from hard drives, mobile phones or other media (USB, external drives, CD/DVDs, tapes, memory cards)
  • Live analysis (server, NAS, SAN or RAIDs)
  • Mobile device acquisition and forensic analysis (phones, tablets)
  • Expert witness before civil or criminal courts
  • Forensic analysis on Windows, Linux or OSX operating system
  • Email server analysis (Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc), keyword search, email extraction
  • Events reconstruction, user activity, web history, chat (Skype), social networks (Facebook, Twitter), email
  • Log acquisition and analysis
  • Data recovery

Matters we deal on a daily basis: Confidential data leakage, Intrusions, Cyber Investigations, eDiscovery, Litigation Support, Identity theft, Industrial espionage, Employee misconduct, Fraud, Stalking, HR policy violations, Internal threats, Malware/Malicious software, Indecent images, internet Child Abuse, Internet Defamation, online reputation, Illegal internet distribution of software

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Mobile forensics

Mobile forensics is now key to many types of investigations. Forensic examination and analysis of mobile phones, GPS navigators, digital cameras and other portable digital devices may provide the key evidence to confirm or dispel suspicions or accusations.
We are available for consultation on issues related to digital evidence which can be recovered on mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, iPhone, Blackberry or GPS units using special technologies.

Our services include:

  • Acquisition of mobile devices such as smartphones (android, iPhone, Blackberry), tablets (iPad)
  • Law enforcement support (search warrants, seizures, analyses, expert witnesses)
  • Recovery, extraction and analysis of data (call lists, contacts, messages)
  • User/owner activity (incoming/outgoing calls, emails, messages sent, internet navigation, pictures)
  • Social network activity (Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber)
  • GPS tracking
  • SIM/USIM data extraction

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Training isn’t a one-time achievement and requires a continuous effort. The industry and our code of ethics requires us to stay up to date with the best practices and enroll in continuing education opportunities to maintain the highest level of quality.
Continuing education opportunities include classes, lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops.

We have several years experience working with law enforcement, corporate and academic customers both in Italy and foreign countries and we believe thatwe excel at explaining complex concepts in ways that are easy to understand.
Our team is composed by skilled professionals ready to provide the highest level of operational support for our customers on short notice.
Training could be held in our selected facility or on customer premises.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or specific requests.

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EDiscovery services allow authorized IT personnel, professionals or law firms and investigators to search, collect, store, process and export electronically stored information (ESI) related to civil litigation cases.

To offer this service 4N6 Srl has certified eDiscovery specialists and consultants who have extensive knowledge of the eDiscovery process features and the EDRM (eDiscovery Reference Model).

For this reason, more and more customers rely on our expertise, our customer service and our technological solutions to meet the needs of eDiscovery. Working as part of your team, we will help you choose the most appropriate legal technologies for in-house eDiscovery operations and establish an efficient workflow that best fits your processes.